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we have synthesized insights from positive psychology, neuroscience, wisdom literature, clinical psychologists, mental health practitioners, doctors, philosophers, behaviour change experts, and artists to bring you your wellbeing guide.

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combining science, philosophy, and art, happi provides you with trusted support to do more than just stress less or feel calm; it will seek to help transform your sense of what life can be about. how good can the human experience get? how can you sustainably experience positive wellbeing? download happi now and get evidence-based and unique support for your wellbeing today.

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complete a 5-minute quiz to learn about your health and how you can improve it. you will get personalised recommendations on how you can improve your health, alongside suggestions for specialist apps you can use, including our wellbeing suite.

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happi community

a community where you can share your journey and connect with others. there are no manipulative algorithms or spam bots, just wholesome social media.

being happi

understand how to experience a deeper sense of wellbeing.

there is another way of being in the world
a way of being that can allow you to find a sense of comfort, depth, freedom, enjoyment, and peace in your ordinary routines and experiences.

happi moves & foods

discover daily recommended exercises and recipes.

happi intimate

get answers to questions around sex and intimacy.

happi sleep

relax with audio designed to help you get a good sleep.

happi focus

focus with audio designed to get you into a flow state.

happi reflections

savour life’s journey with your chosen media.

happi at work

create a culture of care

tackle stress, disengagement, burnout, low productivity, poor relationships, and low morale in your organisation by creating a culture of care. make it normal for your people to have on demand access to evidence-based and unique wellbeing support. help your people to maximise their potential.

attract and retain talent​

it’s your people that make your organisation work. attracting and retaining talent is a challenge for all organisations and you can make your workplace special by providing happi. show that it is possible for your people to not just survive, but to thrive.

improve performance, consolidate your wellbeing offerings, and reduce cost

we’ve taken a holistic approach to wellbeing, understanding that wellbeing is complex, and that your physical and mental health are intertwined.

we also recognise that many people may not know where to start when it comes to improving their wellbeing, or they might feel overwhelmed with all the different offerings around.

our are you okay quiz supports your people to understand their health and how to improve it. you can also personalise the experience of your people by providing information and links to what else your organisation has made available.

this means that instead of overwhelming your people with different wellbeing access points, you can just provide happi knowing that they will be taken care of. there’s no emails or passwords to remember, and your people can get everything they need from just one app, including access to a range of specialist support for their family members and loved ones too.

create a sustainable, transformative, integrated, and cost-effective wellbeing service for your people today.


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